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Permanent Makeup
Before Care / Contraindications 
  • Do not work out the day of the procedure
  • Do not have a sunburned face
  • If you use botox, it should be performed either 2 wks prior to your scheduled appointment or 2 wks after. Also allow 2 weeks post eye/brow lift treatments (threading, "fox eyes")
  • Fillers should be done 6 wks prior to your scheduled appointment or 6 wks after
  • You must be off all retinols for 7 days prior to your appointment
  • Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin e, fish oil and/or ibuprofen 24 hrs prior to your procedure. please do not discontinue any of these if medically prescribed by your doctor. tylenol is fine (if you prefer a boost to the numbing process)
  • No caffeine or alcohol 24 hrs prior to procedure, this will minimize bleeding and help your color retain better
  • Any waxing, threading or tweezing of the brows should be done 3 days prior
  • No laser or chemical peels 2-3 wks prior to appointment
  • Please advise if you have previous tattooed/microbladed brows
  • If you have any major health concerns advise and ask if you're an eligible candidate (ex; pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetes, etc)
  • Please arrive on time or no more than 15 min late (could result to rescheduling to avoid unfair delays to other clients. 
  • Please advise if you are taking any prescribed medications that could affect/alter your healing 
  • Covid 19 vaccines: Please allow 2 weeks to schedule if you've already received the vaccine. Allow 4 weeks after your procedure to completely heal if you are planning to get the vaccine. 
After Care​​
  • Do not touch the healing pigment area with your fingers: they may have bacteria on them and create an infection
  • Residual pigment, blood, white blood cells, etc. can arise from the open wound. during the next 24 hrs gently wash the skin to remove/ prevent build up and dust particles. you should dab this away 3-4 times in the first day 
  • You can use cool water with a damp cotton pad to prevent drying out and scabs forming. do not worry if dry patches or scabs appear as this can be taken care of in the "touch up" appointment
  • Apply only aquaphor or a&d ointment to your brow area 1-2 times a day after 48 hours and for approx 7-10 days 
  • Lip Blush : Apply aquaphor throughout day, keeping them moist at all times. 
  • No makeup, tinting of lashes or brows, sun, soap, sauna, steam, exercise, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the ocean for 7-10 days until area is completely healed, post procedure and after all touch ups
  • No hot compress (ex: hot towel)
  • Do not rub or traumatize the area while it is healing, pigment may be removed along with crusting issue
  • Use a "sun block" after the procedure has healed to prevent future fading of the pigment color
  • Color will look much darker for the first 5-10 days as the pigment has blood lymph in it. after the peeling phase the color will be much softer.
  • Do not use any products that contain aha's, vitamin a, retinol a or similar lightening and peeling products on the procedure area as it will fade the pigment
  • Remember all procedures must heal, peel and fade. this process can take up to 10 days 
  • If you have any questions or concerns please notify your technician immediately
  • If you experience anything out of the ordinary contact your physician
  • Understand that everyone's skin is different. your skin may reject the pigment in certain areas requiring an additional touch up once the brow has healed
  • Following these after care instructions will yield the best results possible and increase longevity of the pigment
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