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Make Up Services

I'd love to be a part of your special day to help make you feel confident and beautiful!

Whether it is for a memorable wedding event or just a casual night out, I provide quality products that will last throughout the day! 



If you prefer to rock a bare natural face this technique is the perfect match!

Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement, and to create the appearance of full, fluffy brows.  

The more hair you have, the more natural it will appear. 

Although microshading can be added, it is meant to create a very subtle shading effect to add density to sparse areas. 

If you have oily or aging skin keep in mind it is possible the healed microblading strokes can migrate over time requiring additional touch ups.

A handheld tool is used throughout the process to create both hairstrokes and shading.

Microblading heals best on young, healthy skin that is normal-dry. 


Combo Brows/ Ombre

 If you prefer a more filled in "makeup" brow, this is very similar to using a powder or gel pomade.

A combination brow is a mix of Microblading (hair strokes) and ombre shading. 

This technique is suitable for all skin types (including oily/aging skin), and heals 20-40% lighter when healed.

Similar to a tattoo, a permanent makeup machine is used to create the pixels and defined shape.

Combo brows tend to last much longer- up to 1-3 years 

Save time and money without having to fill in your brows !

IMG_1658 (1).jpg

Lip Blush

Lip blush aka Aquarelle lips provide a beautiful sheer pigmented coverage to enhance the natural color of your lips.  

This technique could also provide a more symmetrical lip line without any harsh lines.

If you love the appearance of defined, fuller looking lips our specialist focuses on the detail to create the illusion of plump lips without injections.

Hyperpigmented lips require a minimum of two sessions to brighten the dark/cool undertones and create a more blushed pink tone. 

 Just apply gloss and go!

brow lamination


Brow Lamination

You can think of a brow lamination as a brazilian blowout but, for the brows.

Lacquer certified artist uses products suitable for most individuals to quickly process the brow hairs into a fuller, natural shape lasting up to 6 weeks. 

A brow tint is included (optional) to create a subtle color enhancement lasting 2-4 weeks. 

Keep them moisturized and brushed upward into the desired shape for best results. 


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